Russell Stannard

Russell Stannard giving a teacher training session in Poland

Russell Stannard is the founder of He specialises in the use of technology in education. He has a background in teaching English and Multimedia. He was previously Director of Studies of International House in Seville. He was a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Westminster between 2000-2009 and had the same position at the University of Warwick between 2010 and 2013. He won the Times Higher ‘Outstanding Initiative in ICT’ award in 2008 and the British Council ‘Technology’ award in 2010. He writes regular columns in several journalsĀ and educational magazines including the ET Professional, Teacher Trainer and TESOL Spain magazine. HeĀ  also occasionally writes for the British Press.

His website, receives around 350,000 visitors a year and has given Russell an international profile. Russell talks, does workshops and trains teachers all over the world. He has particularly good contacts in China, Sweden, Spain , Greece and Italy where he regularly gives presentations.